Human Ressources Architect HRA

Physically and mentally fit employees, workers and managers for a robust business.

Individual and group sessions aimed at improving the well-being of each person.

Well-being leads to a higher motivation, bringing the following benefits to your organization:

  • increased productivity in a friendly atmosphere
  • decrease in absenteeism
  • lower staff turnover
  • Precedence of non-monetary incentives over “salary competition”
  • Beter team spirit

My tools:

  1. work on limiting beliefs
  2. life and professional coaching
  3. organizational optimization
  4. body balancing through Taichi and Qi Gong

My background:

  • FR, NL, EN
  • Master in Economics (ULB)
  • International Trade, Taiwan
  • Graduate in finance from Reuters ltd
  • Coach and therapist for 20 years
  • Taichi teacher for over 30 years

Contact me

Company therapist Belgium

Pierre B i l l i e t

Belgium: Voice + Signal + Telegram + SMS: +32 495 17 22 04

France: Voice + SMS: +33 7 49 77 83 73

Skype: naturo_taichi