Professional & Life Coach


Professional (companies) & Life (private) coach


Angelina Jolie would have avoided her surgery if we knew each other…

CEO’s, CFO’s, managers, actors and models need more than other people to stay rooted and stay fit mentally and physically.

It is my job to help in that direction.

I coach men and women with meditation, tai chi, diet and mental training. I stand on their side to help them « not to get burned by the sun when they reach the sky as a star ».

I have nearly 30 years as a Tai Chi and Meditation teacher and 15 years as a therapist and coach. I wrote 2 books about heathy food.


1. The aim

  1. In such a demanding job like yours, you must stay rooted to remain balanced. Because, the closer you get to the top, the windier it becomes.
    In practical terms: our collaboration consists of staying yourself despite of your success. Being emotionally stable. To discover who you are not. The tool is quantum psychology, a way to free yourself from false believes that you created about yourself.
  2. It is also about managing your energy and learning to feed yourself correctly to be able to climb further up.
    In practical terms: the most advanced diet, Qi Gong and meditation will help you to give the best of you when you decide to do so.
  3. Stress management, mental health coach. You will learn to manage your stress and your emotions.

2. The way

Sessions last one hour, by appointment, in any country, at your pace, according to how fast you want to evolve. Generally, the appointments are closer to each other in the beginning and become less frequent later on.

After the acquisition of all the tools you need, we only see each other for big events and important changes in your life.

You get results from the first session onward.


It can be on Skype or in one of my offices in Belgium or South of France and I can also travel around the world if the client takes care of the expenses.

I speak French, English and Dutch.

Contact me. I look forward to coach you!



Pierre has more than 30 years of experience in the field of oriental energy and stress management techniques and is the author of books about healthy nutrition: see here.