Welcome to my site

Welcome to my site.

I have not translated all the pages because it would take me days I would better use to work on my personal improvement.

If you are an actor/actress or a top sportsman/woman, you can just go directly to the specific area designed for you on this site: here.

You can contact me for many different reasons like just a cold, or because you are pregnant, or you want to become so. For couple issues, sexuality, health, motivation, change in career or seeking new goals in your life. Back pain, stress, burn-out, depression, weight, insomnia, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, self confidence, health analysis, life coaching…

We can meet in BRUSSELS, LASNE (Belgium), or in PERPIGNAN (France) naturopathe, thérapeute de couple, bruxelles, lasne, perpignan, belgique, naturopathie, therapie, energeticien, energetique.

We can also have our session on SKYPE or FACETIME which allows you to stay home in front of your computer.

Here on the right of the page, you will find my telephone numbers in France and Belgium. Remember it is best to send me an sms as I shut my mobile down each time I am in session or in my car.

I really look froward to helping you soon. ❤️

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